Foster Georg

Georg is a Product Designer of English and German origin, who has grown up primarily in Switzerland amongst other countries such as Rwanda, Cameroon, Turkey and England.

He graduated form Product Design Bachelor at Central Saint Martins in London in 2014. Since then he has had varied experience across design, working in bespoke furniture design with companies such at Bulo as well as Product and Jewellery design with independent designers such as Fred Rigby or Patrick Laing.

He has more recently worked at Central Saint Martins as workshops technician across many departments including hand model making, rapid prototyping and jewellery, whilst teaching traditional wood joinery courses and product design short courses.

He is now perusing further education at ECAL, Ecole Catonale d’Art de Lausanne, in Switzerland on the Masters in Advanced Studies course in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship.

With a strong passion for materials and processes Georg strives for simplicity and honesty within his designs. He enjoys the challenge of working across a multitude of design disciplines such as jewellery, product and furniture, or fashion.  This he believes fuels his creativity, with the ability to connect elements from past experiences and present research or exposure.

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