Colonna visually emphasizes time as a notion to be savored, to ground ourselves here in the present. Combining this desire to slow down with the monolithic permanence of marble, Colonna leans in and cuts through the space as a sort of a three-dimensional punctuation mark. The smooth cylindrical form draws inspiration from the architectural columns of Classical Antiquity, yet it is unadorned and allows for the pure beauty of marble to be front and center. Grooves are machined into the stone, and the surface texture is handcrafted by Marsotto’s artisans. Thin and elegant carbon fiber clock hands yield to Colonna's architectural form, never competing with its confident stance. Nearly disappearing, they move in a seemingly slow motion, effortlessly gliding through the space. The stark contrast between Colonna's form and its function create an unexpected symbiosis, where the permanent strength of marble supports the impermanent elegance of time. There's no rush here, no future or past. Colonna is a monument to the present moment to a time, timeless.